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About Us

McCXEN Limited is a well resourced and full service oil field company serving the oil, Gas and Petro-chemical Industry. The Company is registered with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA) and Major Oil Companies to provide the following services;

The Company has grown over the years in its scope and capability, and its reputation has been built upon strong technical excellence and efficient project delivery. Today, the Company also delivers the following services; Manpower Supply, Temporary Staff Hiring (Administration and Technical), Certification of Welders, Load Testing Services, Laboratory Testing Services, Dimensional Control/Verification Services, Third Party Measurement Services, Construction Management and Supervision Services.

OUR CORE VALUES: The Company's growth over the years is attributable among others, to the commitment of all

its stakeholders to the following core values:

*Uncompromising quality and excellence in all our actions and business practices.

* Integrity and unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards.

*Promoting continuous self-improvement, sense of innovation and creativity.

*Uncompromising quality and excellence in our actions, products, and business practices.

*Effective relationships nurtured on teamwork, communication and understanding.


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Our Vision
McCXEN Limited will become a leader in providing efficient and cost effective, technology driven inspection and quality control services to the oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry.

Contact Us

5 Golden Valley Estate Road
Worji, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Tel: + 234 84 333 029 
       + 234 80 559 27104 
Fax:+ 234 84 360 734

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